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The Mommy Myth, Susan J. Douglas · Meredith W. Michaels

"To young women who, above all, hoped to escape the fate of their own mothers, motherhood seemed to be the ultimate trap."


"We are fed up with the myth-shamelessly hawked by the media that motherhood is eternally fulfilling and rewarding, that it is always the best and most important thing you do, that there is only a narrowly prescribed way to do it right, and that if you don't love each and every second of it there's something really wrong with you." p. 3

"By insisting that being a mother is the most important thing a woman can do, a prerequisite for being thought of as admirable and noble, the new momism insists that if you want to do anything else, you'd better prove first that you're doting, totally involved mother before proceeding." p. 22

"Employers thought that if you put your kids before your job, you were disloyal, but if you put your job before your kids, you were unnatural." p. 72

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