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Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietzsche

"When Zarathustra was thirty years old, he left his home and the lake of his home and went into the mountains."


"I call it the state where everyone, good and bad, is a poison-drinker: the state where everyone, good and bad, loses himself: the state where universal slow suicide is called - life.

Just look at these superfluous people! They steal for themselves the works of inventors and the treasures of the wise: they call their theft culture - and they turn everything to sickness and calamity.

Just look at these superfluous people! They are always ill, they vomit their bile and call it a newspaper. They devour one another and cannot even digest themselves.

Just look at these superfluous people! They acquire wealth and make themselves poorer with it. They desire power and especially the lever of power, plenty of money - these impotent people!"

p. 77

"God is a supposition; but I want your supposing to reach no further than your creating will.

Could you create a god? - So be silent about all gods! But you could surely create the Superman.

Perhaps not you yourselves, my brothers! But you could transform yourselves into forefathers and ancestors of the Superman: and let this be your finest creating!

God is a supposition: but I want your supposing to be bounded by conceivability.

Could you conceive a god? - But may the will to truth mean this to you: that everything shall be transformed into the humanly-conceivable, the humanly-evident, the humanly-palpable! You should follow your own senses to the end!"

p. 110

"Thus, however, I advise you, my friends: Mistrust all in whom the urge to punish is strong!"

p. 124

"This, however, is my teaching: He who wants to learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and to walk and to run and to climb and to dance - you cannot learn to fly by flying!"

p. 213

"Once people believed in prophets and astrologers: and therefore people believed: 'Everything is fate: you shall, for you must!'

Then again people mistrusted all prophets and astrologers: and therefore people believed: 'Everything is freedom: you can, for you will!'

O my brothers, up to now there has been only supposition, not knowledge, concerning the stars and the future: and therefore there has hitherto been only supposition, not knowledge, concerning good and evil!"

p. 219

"You shall love your children's land: let this love be your new nobility - the undiscovered land in the furthest sea! I bid your sails seek it and seek it!

You shall make amends to your children for being the children of your fathers: thus you shall redeem all that is past! This new law-table do I put over you!"

p. 221

"Do you possess courage, O my brothers? Are you stout-hearted? Not courage in the presence of witnesses, but hearmits' and eagles' courage, which not even a god observes any more?

I do not call cold-spirited, mulish, blind, or intoxicated men stout-hearted. He possess heart who knows fear but masters fear; who sees the abyss, but sees it with pride.

He who sees the abyss, but with an eagle's eyes - he who grasps the abyss with an eagle's claws: he possesses courage."

p. 298

"Have a healthy mistrust today, you Higher Men, you stout-hearted, open-hearted men! And keep your reasons secret! For this present belongs to the mob.

Who could overturn with reasons what the mob has once learned to believe without reasons?

And in the market-place one convinces with gestures. But reasons make the mob mistrustful."

p. 300

"Did you ever say Yes to one joy? O my friends, then you said Yes to all woe as well. All things are chained and entwined together, all things are in love;

if ever you wanted one moment twice, if ever you said: 'You please me, happiness, instant, moment!' then you wanted everything to return!

you wanted everything anew, everything eternal, everything chained, entwined together, everything in love, O that is how you loved the world,

you everlasting men, loved it eternally and for all time: and you say even to woe: 'Go, but return!' For all joy wants - eternity!"

p. 331

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