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Culture as Weapon, ​Nato Thompson

"Those people and organizations who use culture toward their own ends know that the rational is no match for the affective. And we are thus quite vulnerable to the tools deployed by the most powerful forces in society."


"His belief in democracy went hand in hand with his early interest in polling, which initially manifested itself in an unconventional way: the story goes that Gallup created a newspaper poll that sought to determine the prettiest girl on campus; his future wife, Ophelia Miller, won the contest, and they were married in 1925." p. 37

"Consumer goods were clearly no longer material things, but instead intangible, immaterial cultural things. Self-articulation not only came with beatnik poems scribbled in books, but also with purchased albums and clothes." p. 62

"The city is an advertisement, and culture is a crucial component of our economic life. These two facts are key to understanding why contemporary cities look and feel the way they do, and what exactly many arts granters, urban economists, city planners, and government officials worldwide have been up to." p. 114

"But ultimately, the power of culture resides in understanding that people are motivated by things they feel, fear, and enjoy; our affective relationships to the world greatly influence our decision-making." p. 184

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